S’more Pretzel Bites & Oreo Reese’s Stacks Recipe

S’more Pretzel Bites & Oreo Reese’s Stacks Recipe
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This week I’m sharing our delicious Christmas candy 
and goody creations.  
I’ve enjoyed making a variety of them for my family, 
friends and coworkers this year.  
They’re all really quick and easy…
I’ve made some every night when I’ve gotten home from work…
 it’s been a breeze and everyone says they’re so very delicious!   
S’more Pretzel Bites
Pretzel twists
Marshmallow creme
Ghiradelli Melting Wafers (or dipping chocolate of your choice)
Small Hershey Bars or a couple of the giant bars you can break into individual pieces
Any sprinkles or decorations you choose 
The deliciously easy ingredients…
I love to melt the wafers in a glad ware bowl..
they seem to work the best…
I set the microwave for 30 seconds and stir each time, 
until the chocolate is all creamy and melted…
Lay the pretzels on the wax paper and place a little Hershey bar on each one…
I put the marshmallow creme in a little deco bottle I have..
It worked pretty well…
I may just try a decorating bag next time and cut 
a pretty good size hole in the edge of it…
It was just a little tough putting the 
marshmallow creme in the bottle..
kinda like herding cats…
Marshmallow creme is just best gotten out of the jar with a spoon 
or your fingers and put straight into your mouth…
just saying…
Anyway, however you can get some of the marshmallow creme 
on the candy bars, just do it…:)

Then place another pretzel on top of the marshmallow creme…

With a fork, dip each pretzel in the chocolate and coat both sides…
Place on wax paper and decorate with the sprinkles and such…
I coated some with white chocolate…
And then just did a splattering of chocolate on these…Yum!
Oreo Reese’s Stacks
Melting Chocolate
The beginnings of something delightful…

The Reese’s goes in the middle and then the stack is dipped in the chocolate melts…
and coated all over…
Put them on the wax paper and decorate and let harden…

Look at the delicious tray you will have created all in one night!  
You are awesome 😉
See those goodies on the Ritz?  The recipe is coming tomorrow!!

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