Oven Smoked Pork Roast Recipe

Oven Smoked Pork Roast Recipe
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We were sold!
We purchased the seasoning they used and this amazing
Habanero Honey BBQ Sauce and I set out
to recreate the roast in my oven.
It turned out absolutely delicious!
The amazing ingredients…

I used a 5 lb pork roast…

Surely you can find this seasoning rub in your area, but if you can’t, I think any comparable rub will do…
This sauce is to die for!!!
This just cracks me up!
Anyway…Rub the roast all over with much of the seasoning…
Leave no space uncovered…
Like this!
Wrap it really good in Saran Wrap and refrigerate overnight…
The next day…Add some olive oil to a large pan…
Heat it up and sear the roast on all sides….
Like so…
I crumpled some foil to add to the bottom of my roasting pan because I don’t want the roast to sit in the juices while it cooks…
I added about 3 TBSP liquid smoke
to give the roast that wonderful flavor…
Like this!
I covered it very very tightly with heavy duty foil
and roasted it on 300 degrees for 5 hours…
It fell apart so easy…
It was so good with the BBQ sauce and, of course,
with a piece of white bread!
It’s a Southern thing, y’all…:)
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