Lisa’s Grilled Double Stuff BLT Recipe

Grilled Double Stuff BLT Recipe
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Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches??
Do you also love BLT’s???
Well, do I have a sandwich for you!!
We had one at a food truck recently that inspired my creation, 
but I thought it was a little dry.  
I fixed that problem with a my Southern touch– 
mayo and butter!  🙂 Lisa’s Grilled Double Stuff BLT’S

The delicious ingredients…
Add the cheese to both sides of the bread and 
a sprinkling of Mozzarella  to the middle…
Melt your butter and grill each side of the sandwich…
Until it’s beautiful like this!   
Spread the mayo on one side…
Add the tomatoes, salt and pepper…

Add the incredible bacon…
the lettuce…
Add mayo to the other side…
Put them all together…ahhh….
Just look at what you’ve created!  
Melty, cheesy, gooey wonderfulness with bacon inside!!
Find someone to share and enjoy!
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