Kaia’s Creepy Monster Eye Cake Pops Recipe

  • Servings : 30
  • Prep Time : 0m
  • Cook Time : 25m
  • Ready In : 3:000 h
Hoping to share a bit of Halloween Party Recipes with you this week.  
This weekend, my sweet Kaia, reminded me that we needed to make her cake pops for her school party.
 You know how much I LOVE to cook and bake…but the ONE time I tried cake pops it was a disaster!  
Well, my Kaia, found my Cake Pops cookbook…and for a month…every time she came over, has sat and read me
step by step recipes of just how easy it is to create these lovelies!  
And I told her that she made it sound so EFFORTLESS and NON SCARY for Grandma when SHE reads the instructions!  
So, because I love her so, we waded into the forbidden waters…and we really did pretty good…
and I didn’t cry…and I didn’t have to take any medication…
Kaia was pretty proud of me and of how the Pops turned out 🙂


  • 1 box cake mix of your choice--We used the only one I had on hand...the Duncan Hines Marble...and we just threw the little chocolate packet in with the cake mix
  • 1 container of already prepared frosting...we used Duncan Hines Classic Chocolate for this recipe
  • 2 packages of your color of choice of Wilton Candy Melts
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips


Step 1

For cakes, add the ingredients as on the cake box. Mix well.

Step 2

You can bake the cake in a sheet pan or in 2--9inch round pans for the time posted on the box. When done, cool a bit on a wire rack.

Step 3

Next, dump the cake back into your mixing bowl and add the 1 container of frosting. Mix it until it's all combined.

Step 4

Then taking a small scoop, put a good size amount in your hand and very lightly roll it into a ball.

Step 5

Take about 1/2 cup candy melts, any color, and melt them--you'll need this to secure your cake pop sticks to the cake pop.

Step 6

Dip the stick in the melted candy, gently push it in the cake pop...about middle way---pushing too far will cause the stick to come through the cake pop.

Step 7

If you're lucky enough to have a cake pop holder...or Styrofoam board, you can then push the stick in, one by one, until all are done and then freeze them until they are good and cold through and through...about 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 8

When frozen, melt the color of candy melt that you're going to use to dip the cake pop.

Step 9

Working gently and quickly, swirl the cake pop in the melted candy until you get it all covered as you want it. Put them back in the freezer to firm up.

Step 10

Kaia and I then chose the color for the Monster eye...melted that chocolate and put it in our piping bag...gave each cake pop a blob...then Kaia took a mini chocolate chip and pressed it into each one for the pupil.

Step 11

We again let them firm up a bit and they were ready to be packaged and trimmed for the party!

And here we begin!

Mix the cake mix as directed on package…

Noah loves to watch his sister cook!
We baked our cakes in the 2–9 inch pans…
After they were baked…we added the container of frosting to our mixing bowl…
 And then the cakes…
Mix it until the cake is combined with the frosting in a lovely doughy stickiness…
Taking a break to lick the spoon…the best part of baking!!
Even our assistant got a taste!
Scoop a 1 inch size dough ball into your hand…
Gently roll it into a ball…
Use the melted chocolate to dip the cake pop sticks in and push it gently no more than half way into the cake…
She’s adorable!!
We put them in the freezer to chill…
Then we melted our candy melts and gently swirled each pop…
Because these were going to be scary monster eyes….they did not have to look smooth or perfect…
We then put the blob of candy melt for the eye color and Kaia used a mini chocolate chip for the pupil…
Isn’t that just the most perfect monster eye cake pop that you’ve ever seen??!!
Noah approves as well!
Look at the whole bunch of them!
Now they’re wrapped and tied and ready to be enjoyed by 16 hungry 1st Graders!
Kaia now wants us to create the cake pops shaped like cute little striped boxes of popcorn in the recipe book…
and the popcorn is made with little pieces of marshmallows…
and it is oh, so easy, Grandma!  🙂
 I love her!!!

If you are ever in need of cake pops in the Pensacola area…you should visit my friend, Meghan’s site Sweet Meegz!  

She makes the prettiest and tastiest cake pops ever!  Her cakes are always awesome!  

She can fashion anything out of fondant ….

she also told me I could do the cake pops without a breakdown!  

Thank you, Meghan!  🙂


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