Grilled Banana Splits Recipe

Grilled Banana Splits Recipe
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Do any of you have problems avoiding these little devils? 
Do they call out to you in the grocery store or
when they’re on your kitchen counter?
Sigh…me too…
They have been officially banned at our house this week. The vote was unanimous!
I think we all have had the same thoughts but
were afraid to bring up the subject.  But Jessica was the brave one…
“Mom, you CANNOT buy any more of
the white powder donuts! 
What are they made of..crack?!”
Jessica who has the utmost self control
when it comes to sugary treats stated,
 “I tried to reason with myself that I could not possibly eat the whole package and I just kept shoving them into my mouth…one whole donut at a time…knowing the pounds were packing on with each one!”
“Yes!” I exclaimed, “it’s that way with me too! 
I usually can only have a bite or two of sugary desserts before I’m a little ill, but with these spawns of Satan,
I too can hear them call me and down the whole package!
You can even leave honey buns, danishes, bear claws, most candy and such on the kitchen counter and I will not
even look their way….but these little donuts
have me completely under their spell!
Well, little donuts, you had control of our minds (and body!) this week, but NO MORE! 
You will call out to me from your bags and boxes in the grocery isle, but I WILL OVERCOME! 
Move on to the next victim….
sigh…this week we’ll be looking for a 12 step program
for powdered donut withdrawal. 🙂
Today I’m going to share a great recipe we made
for our Easter cookout
(it will definitely help you get over the white donut addiction!)
It was fun and oh so delicious!
Grilled Banana Splits
Bananas–1 for each banana split you’re making
Melted butter, 2-3 TBS per 5 bananas
Toppings of your choice–we used marshmallows, chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch chips, chopped nuts, pineapple tidbits, whip cream, ice cream
Slice each banana, not cutting through
the bottom of the peel. 
Brush the inside of the bananas with butter.
Stuff the insides with all the toppings of your choice.
Wrap each banana in heavy duty foil. 
Cook on grill for 15 min on med-low/low.
While waiting…sit on the steps and
ponder the meaning of life….
relax in the swing with Granny…
eat a Peep…
do some funky poses for the camera woman…
Color some eggs with Grandma…
and hide and find them…
FINALLY…the gooey, warm, banana deliciousness is ready! 
Enjoy placing the toppings of your choice…
would recommend chocolate and
caramel syrup and maraschino cherries next time! 
The more decadence the better!
This is the wonderful dinner we cooked up
before enjoying the bananas…
Delicious grilled steak, pork chops, veggie skewers and
the most delicious rosemary rolls. 
It was a very delicious day spent with people I love!  
That makes life even better than a banana split
with whip cream and a cherry on top! 
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