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Fried Pies & Fireflies started in 2011 as a way for southern cook, Lisa Cook, to share her recipes with family and friends.

Here is an excerpt of what Lisa had to say about Fried Pies & Fireflies in her very first blog post:

“I’m hoping to post every day and have a great southern family recipe for you as well. I’m hoping my friends and family will enjoy my memories and enjoy recreating dishes I have loved making for them for years.

My title, “Fried Pies and Fireflies” comes from a very early memory of me lying on a front porch swing–my head in my Granny’s lap and my feet in my Mom’s. The warm breeze would blow over me as the sun was setting. Mom and Granny had just cleaned up from dinner where my Granny had whipped up something delicious, cooked some fresh-grown vegetables and completed the meal with her famous fried fruit pies.Looking out in the front yard, there would be fireflies dancing around everywhere. I spent many summers on their farm and on that porch. As I reached my teenage years, I despised having to “waste” weekends there. Thirty something years later, I would love to run to the solitude of that porch! As well as to the relatives that are long gone…. Every day is a gift and you can’t get it back…never take it for granted.”

Today, Fried Pies & Fireflies has grown in to a thriving recipe blog with over 8,000 unique visitors per month.